Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chef Tommy

Tommy decided he wanted to make dinner for himself and Katie last night. I think it was because he didn't want to eat the Shepard's Pie I made. He wanted to make his fav- English Muffin Pizzas. If my siblings are reading this, it will bring back childhood memories. We used to eat these all the time!

Here is my budding chef!

This is a family talent. Tommy has gotten very good at it! Notice he can now wink and give a thumbs up while doing it! *haha*


tracey said...

oh my stinkin god!! You were good at that! Mike and I are actually making the pizzas tonight!

Anna said...

Seriously Rebecca, can I have him??? He is way too cute!


Aimee said...

My kids and I LOVE english muffin pizzas!!! Tela asks me all the time to teach her to make her favorite foods, "so I can be good at feeding my kids when I grow up." BUT... she's 12. Great job Tommy!!! I so wish I lived closer.

TanyaRocks said...

I bet Tommy is an excellent chef!