Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Tommy!

My boy is 5 today. I can't believe it. Tommy is a good kid. He can be "not so tough" at times. But I can't complain.

He is Mr. Personality. We go to the Town Hall weekly (for the family business). He knows EVERYONE in there. So much they now stock M&M's, stickers and other stuff in their drawers for him. He has been going in since he was a newborn. He walks through the halls poking his head in the offices and saying hello to the Treasurer, Town Clerk, Building Dept, Board of Health, even the Selectman! It is very funny.

At 5, he stills has Daddy or I get him out of bed in the morning. He will not touch his feet to the floor unless we come in. It has its up and downs. But, he isn't getting up in the middle of the night climbing in our bed. In fact, he hates people sleeping with him! I try to lay with him and he tells me to leave and go in my own bed!

He has learned to ride a bike with no training wheels over the summer. That was HUGE! We bought him a new big boy bike for his birthday. He loved it!

Here he is over the years.

Riding his new bike we got him!

Shooting his new, cool Transformer gun from his sister's.


Aly said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! He's such a cutie.

TanyaRocks said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! I hope you guys have a great day!

Haasiegirl said...

Happy 5 years Tommy!! Your lucky to have your mommy!