Monday, October 20, 2008

Help a Girl Out!

I am new to this Blogging thing. How the heck to I post a link with a view of a title, not the URL?
Example: If I wanted to share Kaycee's Blog with you, instead of it looking like this:
How do I write Life as a mom at 21 with the url "under" it?
Anyone? Anyone?


Kaycee said...

Well i'll help ya out since i'm prob the only one awake! LOL! We get up to early..yeesh!

Okay, highlight my name then click on the little world looking link with a paperclip through it, on the bar (where you change your text etc..)then type in the URL. Let me know if you get it :)

London said...

Not sure if anyone has answered you or not yet, but while your in your edit post window highlight the word (or phrase) you would like to be your link. Then click the insert link button, it looks kind of like a globe, it's on the right of the change font color button. Then all you do is cut and paste the url into the window!