Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teenage Problems?

Don't you wish you could have the problems teenagers have? Remember how it was life altering some of the problems we had as teenagers?
I got to thinking this today. Sam and Casey have a substitute bus driver for a while. She is always late. They get to school in time, but Sam has to rush to her locker and then to class. They asked if I would call the bus dispatcher and ask that the driver leave 10 min earlier. *hee hee*
Could you just think if life's problems, now as an adult, were that easy?

I was trying to think of other teenager "life altering" issues they have.

1. Keyboard on cell phone not working properly to text *gasp*

2. Only being allowed 1 friend to sleep over. What will the other 6 friends think???

3. A friend only being allowed 2 people over, she wasn't one of them.

4. Mom picking up from cheerleading and wasn't sitting waiting outside when the coach let them out 10 minutes early. *Yup, I got a call "Where are you?*

5. Super Sweet 16 was not recorded as planned!

6. Having to choose friends over practice.

7. Favorite shirt not washed.

8. To rainy to hang downtown.

9. There is no snacks (that they like) to eat.

10. Having to shut cell phones off at 9:00

Wouldn't you like to have those problems?


SuZ said...

Oh dear, if only it were like that, huh?

London said...

LOL, I think I'd give anything to have those problems over my adult problems!

Melanie said...

It would be wonderful to have all of those problems if I didn't have to have the drama that went with them haha!!

Aimee said...

Well, I have 4 months until Tela turns 13, I think I'll go camping until 2015 or so...

TanyaRocks said...

LOL- my younger SIL (17) can not beleive that I had to talk to boys on the phone in front of my mother! And to make it worse, she sometimes answered the phone too!