Thursday, October 16, 2008

For So Long We Have Waited for Her to Speak

Now she won't stop!

For months now we have worried about Katie and her speech. She is delayed and sees a Speech Therapist once a week, in our home. She has been in th program almost 6 months.

The past 2 weeks she has had an explosion of words. For good and bad.

She likes to tattle now. When a sister or brother is not doing something right0Ii hear "Moooooooooommmmmm!" (in that whining voice)

When you try to get her dressed in the morning- "No Mom, no jammies off!"

When getting jammies on at night- "No Dad! No shirt off!"

When she needs something, she has gone from poking me and saying "yoohoo" to "Come here!" (in a 2 year old demanding voice)

She did sweetly tell my sister the other day "I love you" **awww**

Tonight at dinner she didn't want to eat "No eat dinner, Katie no eat!" But was pissed when Tommy got dessert and she didn't. "No! I eat cookie"

Kiersten, her Speech Therapist,
was working on putting 3-4 words together. Looks like it is working.


tracey said...

oh that is so great bec!! Of course my favorite is "I love you ti-ti"

Stacey said...

Way to go Katie. That is awesome.