Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Off to See the Magician...NOT!!

On Tuesdays we go to the mall. They do some sort of kids show. Today was supposed to be a Magician. Well, he got caught in traffic and wasn't coming. Instead, Nancy, the woman who is about 55 and runs it, got to step up to the plate to entertain a bunch of preschoolers.

My word, what entertainment for the parents. You see, she is there every week with her blond hair in a pony tail and short black skirt. Remember, she is around 55. I swear, the male Senior Citizens who walk the mall were stopping to check her out. She usually wears heels, but after she found out she had to be the entertainment, she changed into her dancing shoes.

Of course, I had my camera and took some pictures and videos. I wouldn't let my Peeps down!

In all fairness, she did a great job and the kids loved her. It was just funny, as a bystander, to watch.

Katie is in the pink, Tommy in the orange.

Now, I know this one is quick, they are doing the train, listen to the music, the song is "It is Ladies Night" LMAO!


Karla said...

LMAO...thats all!!!!! bahahhaha

Stacey said...

That if funny. At least Katie and Tommy looked liked they were having fun.

Miranda said...

lol that is quite the sight! :p It looks like the kids had fun though so I guess that's all that matters. Interesting song choice for a bunch of preschool aged children. :)

tracey said...

love Katie's shoes! lol So darn cute!