Thursday, October 23, 2008

Out to Breakfast Where???

Chris told me he was taking Tommy out to breakfast this morning. I was pleased and thought "Why isn't he inviting all if us? That isn't very nice."

Well, then I realized where he was taking him! It is Contractor Day at Lowe's this morning. Free donuts and coffee. The even funnier part? He ran back in to get a Ziploc bag so he can bring some home.

That isn't my idea of going out to breakfast. I will stay home in my jammies and let them have "Man Time."

Here he is home with the Ziploc bag


suzi said...

okay, that picture is hilarious. I love that it was contractor day--too cute! :)

nikkicrumpet said...

AWWW the breakfast of hard working tool wielding, construction men!!!! Ya gotta learn em young!

Stacey said...

Not my idea of breakfast either. But Tommy looked like he enjoyed it.

Karla said...

LMAO that is hilarious!!!

sherman_tracey said...

If I was still single I would have went! Nothing like a store like that on free donut day to pick up a man! Thomas looks so cute :)