Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank You Staples Lady!

I want to give a shout out to the kind lady who works at Staples. She let me know that I had Katie's name tag sticker (from playgroup) on my back.

Now, why didn't anyone else tell me? Did the people at playgroup think, as an adult, I would put a crooked name tag on my back? Also, most of them know me and that my name is NOT Katie!

Did the teachers and parents at Tommy's preschool not notice it when I was dropping him off?

Did the other employees at Staples think I wanted them all to know my name? I walked around the store for 20 minutes before I was told it was there. I even asked 2 different employees questions and then walked away (back facing them!) after they answered me.

So this kind woman saved me from continuing my day and my errands with a kid name tag on my back. THANK YOU!


Lisa and Curtis said...

OMG Rebecca, that is just some funny stuff right there! lol I tell you what, we went and ate in KFC one day. When we LEFT, after sitting with my back facin the whole restaurant, Curtis told my shirt was on INSIDE OUT. LOL Yeah...not one soul could have mentioned that? LMAO
Anyway, thanks for sharing, that was good! haha

tracey said...

Better than on your butt!